TWO Suzuki C50 Bobber Build Day 11

by admin, July 5, 2015

Untitled-1Wow this was the toughest day just from doing one simple little task, getting the bottom steering head bearing off the shaft. Tapping was useless, as was prying. In the end it took dremeling and heat plus tapping and prying lol! I got the rest of the cleanup done, the floorboards came out great, I show you the new whitewall tires and more! 


  • Darin A. Marshall

    As to the custom paint job. It would have to be on a bike that i was going to keep forever. Its like getting a tatoo. Also if i was doing a build or what your doing , yes i probably would do something custom. You’re putting a lot of time, money and effort into it.

  • Darin A. Marshall

    Here’s my bike. It came with and i was told a custom paint job from Harley. Don’t know how much is true. It is different from anything I’ve seen.

    • Very probable, HD has an in-house custom paint department! Sharp!

      • Darin A. Marshall

        Thank you, i ust turned 50 and its my first bike. Its also my midlife crisis bike. Lol. I love it. Just wish i could have started riding sooner. But at least im riding now.

    • Justin Kronenwetter

      tasteful, classy,sharp. not too much dp90/matte blk. that’s friggin nice man

      • Darin A. Marshall

        Thank you. I fell in love with it the second I seen it.

  • Justin Kronenwetter

    yes to the custom paint scheme … i had ol’ school gold leaf, mural, tastefully i thought, throughout the bike, no regret, it just unfolded as a theme and i smile now remembering that bike, of course it’s not for every bike, or current scoot has orig. tank stripes from 76′’s nothing i want to change on this one., i always thought a chrome frame would be tite, but..
    there is a time and place for custom and i’m with ya on the bobber.

  • steve pedley

    no to the custom paint, that tends to relinquish the bike to a safe place instead of driving it, just keep the bike clean and shiny but use it a lot

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