TWO Suzuki C50 Bobber Build Project Day 10

by admin, July 5, 2015

Untitled-1Moving along I got the rear shock swapped out, the floorboard off, cleaned and painted hammered black to match the side covers, the tank gauge bezel swapped over and some more little miscellaneous stuff covered. I’m in a bit of a holding pattern right now, as all the rest of the parts are coming over the next week. As soon as the new wheel bearings come in I’ll take the new tires and wheels over to be mounted and balanced – oh, the tires and shock came in today. There are a few small things left between then and now, other than that we’ll be in assembly mode next week!  


  • Justin Kronenwetter

    regarding the question of passenger or no… i have to check over my left and right shoulder before typing , ok..i’m good to go, i say “solo or no go” aaaaand for same reasons that you mentioned. Its unbelievable how much movement goes on back there? are they getting attacked by bees? waving at someone? if it’s that uncomfortable….why did they want to join? I had built up an old iron head sporty once, girder front end, etc total death trap..anyhow i had cured the ‘can i ride with’ issue before it started with not providing pegs and only a tiny little pee pad of a seat. believe it or not got used but i can’t even imagine riding on the rigid with feet inches from the meat grinder on shock bolts heh heh. seemed to keep the movement to a min. actually frozen fear i believe. so when i got the grandpa-glide (76FLH) suddenly it was like i had a station wagon and everyone wanted to ride with, uhhh no. I too have had some awesome passengers, i think they were passed out and felt like a wet towel over my shoulders…does that count?

  • steve pedley

    I mostly ride alone but my wife is a great passenger. The st1300 I had was so smooth that she would fall asleep on long stretches and bang her helmet on mine waking her up.

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