TWO Suzuki C50 Bobber Build Day 13

by admin, July 8, 2015

Untitled-1More parts came in! I goofed on the unboxing clip, pushing the wrong button and taking a single photo instead of a video…oh well. The front and rear brakes, front and rear wheel bearings, new headlight, new tank emblems and new fuel line all came in 🙂 I got the bearings installed, ran the new tires and wheels up tot he shop to be mounted and balanced. I got the frame cut ready for the new rear fender, and more! 


  • Benny Jensen

    Reply to Question Of The Day

    It was an ordinary day in 1966 where I experienced my first eyeopening encounter with a motorbike I just had to have. It was a Yamaha YL-1 Twin Jet, two cylinder, two stroke, 100cc screamer of a bike.
    Found this on youtube:

    Man. I loved that little machine 🙂

  • steve pedley

    I was in high school and another student rode up on his honda 50, a red step through bike. I walked around that bike twenty times and knew that I wanted a bike . I finally bought a honda s90 black and silver, picked up a helmet at kmart and I have had at least one ever since

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