Yamaha FJR1300 Centerstand Swingarm Lube Points Service 16000 Miles

by admin, December 2, 2016

Yamaha FJR1300 Centerstand Swingarm Lube Points Service 16000 Miles – NOTE: at 33 min I missed a clip, also grease the two end bearings. This is by far the biggest maintenance job for the bike.  I blame no one for paying the $1000+ to a dealer to do it all, as long as they do it ALL right.  It’s a several hour procedure at best and takes a few hundred in tools, some of which you probably don’t yet have.  I go through it all including reassembly and torque specs with some common problems along the way.  It covers:

side panel removal
rear wheel removal
swingarm removal
center stand removal
sidestand removal
side pedals removal
u-joint removal
all lube points

  • William Brinkman

    Excellent video. I am going to follow the video while I tackle my bike’s swing arm/pivot points lube this week.

  • monteblue

    Good job on the video. Two things I would do different would be to clean all parts before greasing and I use a synthetic polymeric grease that contains 5% moly. [Far more water resistance]

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