by admin, February 16, 2017

It was time to get rid of the hassle of glasses!  I have been wearing them along with contacts for 30+ years and am looking forward to not going through the hassle with them especially when they would fog in my helmet, or having to take them on or off before taking the helmet on or off etc.  The procedure went perfectly and I’m back working just a few hours here after getting home!  If anyone needs it done here in the Tampa area I highly recommend LasikPlus!

  • Timothy Regan

    Feel better soon! Lasik is fantastic. I had mine done 6 years ago when I was 55. I only had one eye (left) done, so I see in monovision – distance 20/20 in my left, and close up in my right. Brain interprets all this, meshes it together, and I feel 100% normal. Funny thing is I am legal to drive like this in Virginia, but not legal in Maryland (without a corrective lense for right eye to see distance better). But I never wear any lense for right eye because honestly I see better without it. The brain is an amazing piece of hardware. And the best thing is I bought my 2016 FJR ES on December 27. Love your channel and videos.

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