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by admin, February 28, 2017

Thank you to all 1,000+ subscribers! To say thanks, I’ve partnered up with Ride on Moto and Fly Racing to give away from pretty cool prize packs. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this video. Entries will close next Saturday, March 4, 2017 at midnight. Good luck!

  • Barry Leaver

    Congrats on hitting 1000. T-Shirt (large), gloves (XLarge)

  • boxxer06


  • Ed Miller

    Gloves – Large, T-Shirt – 2x. Love your videos. I got started watching because you were riding an FJR and I too ride an FJR. Did you sell yours when you bought the KTM? My dirt bike is a KTM so I can’t fault you for buying one. Good taste all around.

  • Barry Leaver

    I’m puzzled. I just watched your latest video about your book and you mention two winners that haven’t been in touch with you and neither are shown in the comments that I see (I only see the first three comments). Do you have any idea if there is a setup issue on my part or what could be wrong?

    • You are commenting on the TwoWheelObsession website. You should be commenting on HIS video, ON YouTube.

      • Barry Leaver

        Thanks Brian, I mistakenly thought that I had linked to his channel after I accessed the video from TwoWheelObsession. So, if I deduce correctly, he must download a copy of his video (which he also posts on his own channel) to you and you post but he doesn’t get the comments (unless he looks at your copy). No big deal, I don’t want to waste your time.

        • No, that’s not how any of it works.

          There is only one video, his. You can view it, many different places. I simply spread the word for the team members to get them more views, via the website and social media.

          Click the video title on the video, or the YouTube icon in the corner while it’s playing, or subscribe to his YouTube channel, view it on youtube.com, use a mobile YouTube App…all these take you direct to his video. You are missing out on a WHOLE other world lol

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