Motorcycle Trip To Barber Museum Day 1

by admin, April 14, 2017

My trip this year is to the Barber Motorcycle Museum in Leeds, AL!  Roughly the same distance from me as the other cool mountain destinations, about 1100 miles round trip.  I’m taking as much non-freeway as possible this time and 90% of the roads are going to be all-new to me, even those in FL.  I hit a great cheap motel right by the complex, for $64/night it worked just fine.  The option next door was nicer but $110/night.  Other than that, you’ll be driving several miles to the next set.  Coming next will be a museum walkaround tour and the ride home including a cool motorcycle route, St Rt. 25!

  • Hoss

    Hope you enjoyed Barbers as much as I do. The interesting thing is, come back in a year and about half the exists will be different. They only have about half the collection on display. Try to schedule your next trip on vintage motorcycle week. They have 100 year old race, and you can even ride your bike around the track. There will also be a swap meet with local Mc clubs (not gangs) with booths, etc. Oh. Did you get video of the sculptures out front?

    There use to be a motorcycle only campground about 10 miles from Barbers. 29 dreams. I hear new owners are trying to reopen it. They had cabins as well as premative camping. And a good mechanic on duty

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