$150 Amazon Giveaway Contest

by admin, June 25, 2017

$150 Amazon Giveaway Contest – To celebrate passing 30,000 subscribers I’m running a multi-part giveaway contest and a bunch of $50 Amazon gift cards/codes! There are multiple ways to enter and win. This is open worldwide. By entering with a video submission you are giving me permission to use at least a segment in my shoutout video.

To enter for the first $50 gift card simply make sure you are subscribed to TwoWheelObsession then comment below, on this video, on YouTube with how you discovered my videos! A random winner will be drawn in 1 week.

To enter for the 2nd and 3rd gift cards, you have to make a video shoutout for TwoWheelObsession. It can be standalone or part of one of your regular videos. Be creative! You have 1 week to produce and post your video. Just comment below with a link to it! In 1 week another winner will be drawn from those videos based on which one I like the best, plus I will create a video from all the clips giving everyone who participated links and shoutouts back to your channels!

For the 3rd gift card, it will be up to the viewers! There will be a poll on my shoutout video where everyone can vote for their favorite. In a week after that goes up, that winner will get a code!

Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you guys do 🙂

  • Scott St. Royal

    Great contest idea!

  • Randy Workman

    Love the Florida scenery in your video, I came across Two Wheel Obsession just randomly watching mc videos on You Tube. I was just looking for touring idea’s and came across you Smoky Mountain tour in which you broke your windshield. I felt so bad for you when that happen but I liked the way you were prepared for any sort of accident you may had encountered. Great job Bryan keep up the great video’s!.

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