GoPro Differences & Amazon Giveaway Winners

by admin, July 2, 2017

GoPro Differences & Amazon Giveaway Winners – I did a small upgrade from the 3+ Black to the 4 Black just to get some better low light quality. In this video I was also trying out the Linear field of view – it looks great, with zero fisheye effect, however it’s too narrow for my taste, I’ll go back to wide so I can see the bike and more of the surroundings. I can remove fisheye in post but it takes a LONG time to process either in the GoPro app or Premiere, it’s not worth it for the difference in 1080 wide. Congratulations to my pick DSTSS Father-Time! Below are all the shoutout entrants, please take a look and use the pop-up card poll to vote for YOUR favorite! In another week the last winner will be chosen from that poll.

nima khavary:
Touring Midwest:
Daniel Graham:
DSTSS Father-Time:
Marshall 3498:

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