Bikini Bike Wash? | Drew’s Question Of The Week EP. 56

by admin, October 18, 2017

Bikini Bike Wash? in this weeks video my question is: what are your thoughts on the Bikini Bike Wash? Cool or not so much? I see them at motorcycle rallies & events and they seem to go over pretty well. let me know your thoughts by taking the poll in the YouTube cards and dropping a comment down below.

  • razzkar

    I like the bikini bike wash. First is the fact that most of the girls look good with great shapes. Second, they do a pretty good cleaning of the bike. The down side is the cost is a little steep. If they let you pay what you think you should pay, they still make out. After all, who wants to be the cheap skate!!!

  • Rick Bohl

    Never had the bikini bike wash, seen it a few times over in West Palm area. I have no issue with it, but does not sway me or interest me. Rather have a cold beer, married 30 years, just saying bro. Cheers

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