Stoltec 17 FZ09 MT09 Brake Reservoir Relocation Kit Install

by admin, November 28, 2017

Stoltec 17 FZ09 MT09 Brake Reservoir Relocation Kit Install – This is a great kit for relocating the rear brake reservoir of your FZ09 or MT09 to where it should have been from the factory, for a neat tidy look. For those of us that removed our rear pegs, it’s an absolute MUST HAVE for appearance. There are a couple changes from the included instructions, for 17+ bikes but everything still works – better IMO in fact. If you would like to purchase a kit you can do so here: – tell um I sent ya!

  • Jesse Ramirez

    Those two brackets on each side of the frame that have three holes in them. They need round head bolts in them to look finished.

    • Meh. You only see them if you get down and look at the side like this for a video. Only two of the three are threaded anyway. If I did anything it would be cutting the tabs off. It doesn’t even catch my eye to care.

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