SENA 30K Is Now A MUST Buy

by admin, January 5, 2018

SENA 30K Is Now A MUST Buy – With the new 1.0.2 update for the SENA 30K the device now operates wonderfully for both com users and motovloggers!  GONE is the dreaded popcorn noise with more than 1 bluetooth connection! The trade off was the removal of UHD voice mode with more than 2 connected devices, but it is well worth it for a clean audio track.  I can now recommend the 30K to anyone looking for an in-helmet com system!

  • Amen Corner Rider

    Hmmmm, very interesting. Most of my Vids are dual with my husband on the 20s. Yes, we get the crackling on almost every Vid here and there. When it does pop and crackle, I try not to use that particular segment in my Vids, (unless Gary says something really clever or funny). So it’s worth the $$ to upgrade to the 30K for dual vlogs?? We’re talking $500+ for a dual set?! 😧

    • You just need a dual pack – two 30k units would be in mesh mode and you would not only not have any noise, but you would have full quality to the camera!

      • Amen Corner Rider

        My Sena 20s just lost audio in the left ear piece! I checked out the reviews of the 30K on Amazon and they were horrible. Not sure what to do. Did you read the reviews on amazon?

        • Take them with a huge grain of salt – some did not purchase, some are complete nonsense. There is a battery life issue using mesh, they said they are working on it.

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