How To Detail A Motorcycle Using Claybar Polish & Wax

by admin, July 24, 2014

Untitled-1Bryan Glynn

How To Detail A Motorcycle Using Claybar Polish & Wax

In this how-to I not only show you how to detail your motorcycle using a claybar to get your finish as smooth as possible, a polish to get you more shine and wax to fully seal and protect it, but I go through the important why’s of each as well. I have many, many years of experience detailing vehicles from motorcycles to cars, trucks, jetskis, etc. Each has different needs but the process is the same. To me ‘detailing’ means taking the finish to the next level above and beyond how the vehicle came from the factory. No factory finish is as good as it can be simply because of mass production and transportation problems when it comes to the paint. These steps are simple, easy and on a motorcycle very fast to run through, getting you a drool worthy, jealously inspiring finish to any bike or car you may have.



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