Shoei RF1200 Motorcycle Helmet Overview And RF1000 Comparison

by admin, July 31, 2014

Untitled-1Bryan Glynn

Shoei RF1200 Motorcycle Helmet Overview And RF1000 Comparison

My new helmet just arrived so I gave you guys an unboxing, overview and direct comparison to the previous model that I think most will be upgrading from.  It’s not cheap, but they fit my head perfectly, have exceptional wind performance, low noise, top notch features and stay very cool in all conditions.  I had zero complaints about the previous version so I had no problem spending the coin on the new one.  Featuring a better visor, pinlock system, more vents and much more comfort features, the new RF1200 is a great choice for anyone looking for the best in my opinion.  Full review coming later after I get some good time on it.



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