$100 Gift Card Giveaway Contest!

by admin, August 9, 2014

rev_zillacom_gift_card_zoomIt’s contest time! I LOVE doing giveaways and contests on my sites and it’s time to pop the cherry on TWO! The whole point of these on my end is simply to get more viewers, nothing more. The best thing I can have any fans do is simply spread the love 🙂 So to enter this contest all you have to do is just that! The bare minimum to enter is you have to just tell a motovlogger – any of them – big, small, new, old doesn’t matter – ‘Hey you should check out getting on TwoWheelObsession, you can have your vids featured up there free for more subs and views!’ – then just comment below with who you told and BOOM you are entered! For extra chances you can tweet about the contest once a day, like the Facebook Page (or already be liking it for a freebie) and even easier, SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel (big red button)! Leave your YouTube name in your comment as well if you want that bonus point 🙂

This will run for two weeks and the random winner will be drawn. This is open to any age and internationally. If it works out I’ll be doing these regularly. As the site grows (I need YOUR help for that) I’ll get more sponsors for product giveaways and have weekly contests like I do for my other ventures 🙂 Good luck and thanks for watching!
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