A Two Up Ride With Mrs. TWO For Ice Cream

by admin, August 10, 2014

Untitled-1We decided to hit up a little mom & pop ice cream shop a few miles away. Many of the wife’s friends said it was really good, so why not? Well turns out the price is why not. I’ll never be back. I LOVE chocolate malts, so I always try one going somewhere new. Around here Marble Slab is king by the way. Cold Stone is a good second. This place was exactly the same as Dairy King, meaning good but nothing special – and very over priced. $6 for the ‘large’ that was the DK medium. The wife got a cone and she liked it, but again didn’t hold a candle to Marble Slab or Cold Stone. Oh well it was a nice hour ride and now we know! The next vid (crossing fingers) should have my new equipment. If it all works well the audio should improve some more immediately. Enjoy,and don’t forget if you are a motovlogger, contact me to join the site! Or tell any you watch to!


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