Happy Days FINALY A Working SENA And GoPro System But Something Still Sucks…

by admin, August 13, 2014

Untitled-1Woohoo! This was a long but good day here at the end at 2am as I type this! After MANY hours of frustration and troubleshooting, I have a working GoPro and SENA system with the 20s and GP10. The replacement units came in today – still not all good out of the box but I got enough parts between what I had to make one good setup. But something still sucks…you’ll see. At the end of te night, midnight actually, I did both a test ride and trip to Walmart to pickup a couple things, another 4 port USB charging bay bringing my ports to 11 on my little wall strip. And another GoPro battery, which incidentally has been tested as the best out there, even better than aftermarket and a bargain at just $20, available everywhere even Walmart and Target in a pinch! The best part about getting everything working is that I was able to finally install things permanently (well you know what I mean, it’s not like anything can’t come out) in my helmet and now I can get in to a routine, making ALL of this MUCH easier on me. Now I can install the SMH10 in to the wife’s helmet, since I was keeping that out for testing, so she can be in on the ride vids when we go out now too!


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