Riding The Ozello Trail – Mini Tail Of The Dragon In FL

by admin, August 16, 2014

Untitled-1Most people know that while the road CONDITIONS are excellent in FL, the excitement level leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t know anyone that replaces tires without 90% of tread left on the sides. So I checked out what is reported to be one of the very best stretches in the whole state, just an hour north of here, the Ozello Trail. It’s 9 miles of decent curves (for FL) and a couple are actually pretty sharp. Still, nothing like the real Tail of the Dragon, Deals Gap. No, you need mountain terrain for anything like that and we are just SOL living in a state completely made of a flat limestone sea shelf. But I have to say it was fun! I had a lot more fun on the way back, as I just rode and didn’t vlog. It really does make a difference, and talking makes the time go by so it also seemed a lot longer coming back! I will take the wife up there soon, we’ll checkout the restaurant at the end and have a chill day. If anyone is around the Tampa area I do suggest you take the trip, it’s worth it!



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