How To Do A Throttle Body Sync TBS Yamaha FJR 1300 ES

by admin, August 27, 2014

Untitled-1This shows you all you need to know to do a throttle body sync (TBS) on your fuel injected bike. This applies to all multi-cylinder bikes, specifically the Yamaha FJR 1300 ES and all years are the same procedure. I suggest you have a service manual whenever you do your own work, it’s about a $90 investment that pays for itself the first time you save a trip to the dealer.

The TBS is a regular maintenance interval procedure (it depends on what bike you have how long, check your manual) that is typically done right after break-in then at regular intervals. This along with the oil change costs several hundred at the average dealer.

To do this you only need one special tool, just Google for throttle body sync tool there are plenty of options for well under $100. After you use it you already paid for it in dealer savings, and you have it to do again and again – plus your friends! Other than that you will need a thin flat head screwdriver, long needle nose pliers, a phillips head screw driver, 14mm socket, 12mm socket and a little bit of time 🙂

BIG TIP I forgot to mention in the vid – if you let the bike heat up much past the initial 5 minutes, the adjustment screws get very tight. You have a few minutes for adjustment where they turn freely – then you may need to let it cool back down. If you practice where to get the screw driver before hand it takes seconds as you saw and you’re fine. If the screws do not turn, don’t force it, they are soft brass.



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