Angeles Crest Highway, Part II, (Rt 2-ACH) Sept 2014

by admin, September 30, 2014

DSCN0207_edited-1Part II continued from Newcomb’s Ranch to La Canada Flintridge featuring 27 miles of great twisites and scenery with pics from Mt Wilson overlooking LA to the Pacific and Catalina Island — 70 miles distant!

Mount Wilson is one of the better-known peaks in the San Gabriel Mountains, part of the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County, California. It is the location of the Mount Wilson Observatory and has become the astronomical center of Southern California with 60-inch (1,524 mm) and 100-inch (2,540 mm) telescopes, and 60-foot-tall (18.3 m) and 150-foot-tall (45.7 m) solar towers. The summit is at 5,710 feet (1,740 m). While not the tallest peak in its vicinity, it is high enough in elevation that snow can sometimes interrupt astronomical activities on the mountain. All of the mountains west of the summit are far shorter leading to unobstructed views all the way to Pacific Ocean. On an extremely clear day Santa Catalina Island, California, some 70 miles southwest, is visible, with the horizon stretching another 30 miles beyond that.

Mount Wilson is also heavily utilized for relay broadcasting of radio and television for the Greater Los Angeles Area.



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