Paul & Lynn’s Bread & Wine Ride To Clitheroe

by admin, October 19, 2014

images-19Here Lynn and I ride to Clitheroe in the beautifl Ribble Valley in Lancashire to buy a rather special bottle of wine! I had received a gift token from some lovely colleagues at a local community hospital (I have changed my run at work now and no longer service this hospital) for some wine or other products sold by D. Byrne & Co. ( ). Well we chose a bottle of Shiraz Australian red with the help of a member of the Byrne family. The shop was amazing with so many bottles of everything alcholic, there was need for a pair of wooden ladders to access the high racks!! We’ll certainly be back! On the way back we pass through the historic village of Whalley.
Whalley is a large village in Ribble Valley on the banks of the River Calder in Lancashire, England. It is overlooked by Whalley Nab, a large picturesque wooded hill over the river from the village.

The main road through Whalley is King Street, which leads through to Clitheroe Road. Neighbouring Whalley are the small villages of Wiswell, Billington, Barrow, and Read. Close by is Downham village and Pendle Hill which was made famous in William Harrison Ainsworth’s book “The Lancashire Witches”.

On our return to Blackburn, we call at the ASDA supermarket to buy a couple of loaves of bread for Lynn at school where she works.

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