Yamaha FJR1300 Front And Rear Wheel Brake Driveshaft Removal Inspection Lube Service

by admin, March 31, 2015

Untitled-1This is a long but comprehensive vid on some VERY important topics, as you will see throughout the video itself. Even if you have a BRAND NEW BIKE you want to do all of this right away. DO NOT trust the factory or dealer, BOTH failed me here on this new ’14 Yamaha FJR1300ES. Luckily Nothing here is hard in the slightest, it just takes a few tools you can get relatively inexpensively locally, and a few hours your first time. You will then KNOW things are done right. I show you how to remove both the front and rear wheels. This is super handy for saving money when getting new tires, the dealer will typically charge FAR less to do a change if you bring them just the wheels rather than making them spend 30-60 minutes getting them off a bike. That pays for any tool purchase the first time alone. You also then know how to do a brake pad or rotor change. I also show you how to inspect and remove the driveshaft, which NEEDS to be done right away, as the factory is notorious for not lubing them well and mine was no exception. I give you all the Gen III torque specs, consult your own correct service manual for other applications. I also show you what where and how to grease the pertinent points in doing all this work.



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