Confirming the SENA SMH10 Is Not Fully GP10 Compatible Like The 20s

by admin, April 10, 2015

Untitled-1I have been through 3 SENA 20s units, 2 GP10s and now 2 SMH10s trying to get everything to work as they say it should. In the end, I had one just plain faulty 20s, got it swapped. The replacement had very low volume recording to the GP10 (GoPro receiver pack) that was not fixed until a new firmware came out, making it great. The FM radio however did not function. The third unit was promised to have a fixed radio, it does not. I kept it, tired of playing Warranty RMA, I can live without the radio. During that troubleshooting they replaced the GP10 to no avail, nothing was wrong with it, it was the 20s firmware fault. The SNH10 has the same very low output problem and today’s replacement is identical. Neither units are faulty, the firmware is simply old with no firmware updates to correct the problem as they did in the 20s several months ago. If you are using a GP10 you simply need a 20s or later generation model for proper performance. Otherwise you need to boost your volume in post, increasing the noise unacceptably especially when compared to proper levels from the 20s.


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