Germany Tour 2013-Part 11b

by admin, May 3, 2015

Part 11b ThumbnailWelcome back! On this part we continue our journey to Wissen.The ride takes us on various road types including faster routes, however we do pass through some really nice countryside and very pretty German towns and villages. One such town is battenburg. As I love the cake Battenburg, this town’s name certainly caught my eye! The cake was reportedly named in honour of the marriage, in 1884, of Princess Victoria, a grandaughter of Queen Victoria, to Prince Louis of Battenberg, where “Battenberg” refers to the town of Battenberg in central Germany (the seat of the aristocratic family known in Britain as Mountbatten).Lord Louis Mountbatten (1900-1979) was murdered by the IRA on the 27th August 1979. There’s lots of information about this part of British/German history on the internet. After we arrive at Vine Cottage in Wissen (Welcomed by Peter, Di and friends) we relaxed with welcome drinks. There are photos of this fine 1706 cottage. Thank you for watching our video. I hope you are enjoying our continuing Germany tour. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe at FJR Biker Paul! 


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