FJR1300 Saddlebags Falling Off Solution

by admin, May 4, 2015

Untitled-1I have been aware of this phenomenon for many years, since getting my first FJR1300 back in 2006. The usual story goes that someone discovered at some point, that one or both saddlebags have detatched while going down the road, usually on a rough or bumpy one. This of course leads to a very expensive loss with nearly $1000 to replace both cases if needed. The predominate solution if you will, has been to drill through the lower alignment tabs on each case and install cotter pins through the bike brackets they fit over. I have never liked the idea simply because I didn’t see the need on my bikes, and frankly I think it’s an ugly solution. But the major point was, I didn’t see how it was even physically possible the bags would come off in the first place, baring some damage occurring first. Tonight I spent some more time in the garage pulling, yanking, jostling the cases every which way and I simply don’t see any possible way they can detach IF properly locked. That I think is the very simple key, pun intended. So here’s my theory of what user-error is causing most if not all of these cases. Cases. Get it? 


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