Meeting A New Client

by admin, May 12, 2015

Untitled-1I had to ride down to Largo to meet a new client today. It was another emergency web situation that I have unfortunately seen too many times. Sometimes when people aren’t tech savvy, they trust the wrong person. In this case the guy didn’t even own his won stuff – not the domains, not the hosting, not the sites – he didn’t even have logins to get at the information. The web person is either a total moron or possibly just malicious. Either way they have fallen off the face of the earth and the guy didn’t know what to do. In the end we got him a new domain, new hosting – all registered to HIM this time, and I built a copy of his existing site plus all the changes he wanted from his other web person in the first place. I have had other clients be essentially blackmailed and pay thousands of dollars to have a domain transferred to their name from the web person. Fortunately, this guy didn’t care much about the domain and switching was not an issue.



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