If At First You Don’t Succeed Try, Try Again

by admin, May 24, 2015

150524bike30007-EditI have had a string of stupid mistakes the last couple weeks. Wasting $400 on a late fee, losing $460 in gear because I didn’t secure it well…tonight doing TWO videos without audio! Well I did this one as my first and hopefully last voice-over to salvage it. I HAVE to be productive tonight darn it! I went back out, after last night’s disaster of a shoot, to get the motorcycle photography shot that I had in my head. I scouted the location using my usual, Google Earth, and thought it would work at night. For once, everything went as planned – except the SENA GP10 not syncing to the 20S. My tip is to avoid that and what I’ll be SURE to do from now on – turn the 20s on first. I have noticed this happen a couple times now and each time I had the GP10 on first. Seeing the blue sync light is obviously not good enough to go by. Anyway, I talk about things going on, updates and show the sweet shot I got at the end! Enjoy 🙂 


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