A Quick Ride To A Photoshoot

by admin, May 25, 2015

150524dubout0003I have the advantage of many jobs falling in to the category of – the equipment needed fits on my bike 🙂 So it’s fairly often I can use it to go to a shoot, unless I need to be presentable and sweat-free of course. In this case I was going to sweat anyway, so it was just fine. One of my good long time clients needed some new shots done of her landscaping, which was just recently finished from a blank slate and I have to say it turned out incredible! The colors in person are just as vibrant as you see in the pics. She’s a HUGE Paris nut and much of her interior decor is french. She was going for a similar exterior vibe and I think she nailed it, with plenty of unique spots and comfy rest stations all around the home now. 


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