Police Motorcycle Competition Course

by admin, May 31, 2015

Untitled-1I rode up to Leesburg FL to watch some of the 2015 Lake County Sheriff’s Rodeo competition where the police compete on their BMW and Harley Davidson bikes through a technical challenge course for the best time. There were some crashes, some really fast impressive runs and some that were still learning the ropes! The Harleys definitely have a huge advantage, with the big low frame members able to just scrape along like training wheels. They were gouging in so badly that after an hour the course had to be cleaned with leaf blowers from all the ground concrete in the circle areas! The downside is, they can’t turn as tight. It looked like everyone was having a blast and I know first hand what kind of skill it takes to do that stuff, it’s not easy! So here is the full video with everything in it. I also put up short clips and have playlists made directly on YouTube as well so it’s easier for everyone to watch as they please. 


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