A Few More Shoutouts

by admin, June 6, 2015

A few more shoutoutsThis video is some more shoutouts to some fellow motovloggers.
One motovlogger that has been a great help to me is Bryan Glynn, along with others. If you all can, please subscribe to his channel. He also is looking for more motovloggers to join his website at: https://www.twowheelobsession.com . He is a great person that gives a lot of good helpful tips, and has helped me when I had a problem with my Sena SMH10-11 by doing a comparison video on the low audio quality of the SMH10-11. I ended up sending off for aa replacement, and had made videos of it so that Sena could see it, and I have not had a problem since I got my replacement once I disabled the sidetone feature. 


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