A Ride To A Zero Motorcycles Presentation And Tests

by admin, June 18, 2015

Untitled-1I was invited to a special ZERO Motorcycles event a couple hours away so I went on down for a presentation and checked out the whole line! It turned out to be a long, tiring, frustrating but still fun trip. Long story short, it took forever in near 100 deg heat to ride down in traffic. The company rep was very cool and we talked at length about the bikes and the tech. I was the only one that showed up for the whole thing, with one other guy who just happened to come in for new tires going out with me on a couple of the rides. The bikes certainly are fun but there are big changes you have to be good with and understand if you are going to switch or get one as another bike. The frustration was the return of the GoPro recording problem. I have already ordered a new top of the line card to further test. I ended up losing the video of a Police Bike DS review. It is ok though because it wouldn’t have been able to be used as a review – the front tire blew out and I’m sure was low the whole ride, effecting things as you would expect. Luckily I didn’t crash it but came DARN close, as the tire completely came off the rim. And I didn’t get it on cam. Queue frustration. 


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