TWO Suzuki C50 Bobber Project Day 1

by admin, June 23, 2015

Untitled-1OK I decided to go ahead with the custom bobber project right away 🙂 It won’t be especially cheap, but I have a REAL sweet vision in my head for a beautiful 1-up cruiser that fits my taste and style. We’ll see how close I can come in reality, what lies ahead as I go through the project and how much everything costs! I’ll run through the complete tally at the end of it all. I’ll pickup the bike in 3 days when the seller has the day off and the wife can drive me up, load up the extra exhaust and drop me off. I’m waiting to order the REAL expensive stuff until I have it here and can do a full inspection – meaning tear it down. I don’t foresee any issues past what I already saw, but there’s no rush, it can wait a week to be safe. I need to get a new speedo bezel and footboards because of wear and damage, everything else should be covered. I got a new lift on clearance today, some plugs and oil. The filters are on the way along with chrome levers and badges. Let the games begin! 


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