TWO Suzuki C50 Bobber Project Day 2

by admin, June 27, 2015

150626newbikebefore0004-EditIt’s in the stable! The seller finally had a day off so the wife and I drove up and I brought the new ride home 🙂 It was quite squirmy on the way back and I had to pull over just to check the rear tire. I think it’s mostly just a really bad tire that was a bit low and worn. I can’t tell yet if it needs a shock, I’ll wait and see how it does with the new tires. The forks however definitely need some new oil, it really wiggles and bounces around corners right now. That will all be covered after it’s torn down. Right now it’s just get the old parts off, figure out what I want/need and get things coming in. First up are some small parts and new tires, so I can at least have it rolling when I need to. I started the project right with a new photoshoot of the ‘before’ 🙂 Stay tuned for more fun! 


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