Suzuki Boulevard C50 Bobber Build Day 23

by admin, July 16, 2015

Untitled-1ALMOST done – I just ran out of steam tonight. It was a LONG day with a client standing me up twice for a meeting (my price just went up), web work and then the awesome text – the paint was done! Overall the guy did a great job and the color is EXACTLY what I wanted and hoped for! I got the fenders and mounts on, the tank on, gauges hooked up, side panels on…and it’s off the lift! What burned an hour of my night and really pissed me off were the shit Chinese emblems. It looks like there is only one maker of them and everyone on ebay and amazon are selling the same thing. The problem is two-fold. First the curve of the plastic is not true to the OEM part or tank, and #2 the adhesive SUCKS. It’s a foam that just shreds. I ended up having to take both new emblems off and do a massive cleanup. I’m still debating on trying again or leaving them off. Turns out it would be just under $100 for OEM emblems – not happening for $1 in plastic and tape. I have another aftermarket set coming, I’ll use my own 3M tape if I want them back on. The last steps will be a big cleaning and routing wires…in the AM!

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