Scorton To Knott End-On-Sea

by admin, July 26, 2015


Welcome to the Fourth and final part of our ride out. On this part we continue along Station Lane Scorton and head towards Knott End. Lynn had suggested we could do a Sunset photo shoot there but even after having a smashing Chippie tea there (Fish & Chips and slice of bread for Lynn and steak pudding chips peas and gravy with a slice of bread for me-YUMMY), we still would have a long wait for the Sun to set. There isn’t much going on at Knott End so boredom would have been a problem. Well Lynn got some photos of Silvia just off the jetty and I have included the best one at the end of the video. We hope you have enjoyed our videos from our ride in Yorkshire and Lancashire. Thanks for watching and please Like, Comment and Subscribe at FJR Biker Paul.

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