Post Trip 1 Report

by admin, August 12, 2015

Untitled-1Taking a quick trip down to Blanco Cigars to pick up some samples for my next trip in the morning, I go over the recap of last weekend’s adventures being a participant in, photographer for and helping setup the FL conference for ABC. It was a fantastic production with hours and hours of very expensive advice and tips from industry experts including A-list celebs who also happen to be ABC members such as Steve Kembel, Donnie Brown and Susan Southerland donated their valuable time to be part of the show. If you aren’t a chick you won’t know them lol but I assure you they are top of the game people and were also awesome to hang out with after production. We had some kick ass meals together, great conversations and I look forward to all the new connections I made there developing in the future!

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