Motorcycle Trip Announcement

by admin, September 29, 2015

Untitled-1Finishing off my PACKED October will be an awesome week or so trip with just me, my FJR and my gear, going through some of the best motorcycle roads on the planet!  I’ll be taking the Auto Train from a couple hours aay near Orlando, to almost DC.  I plan to hit the 4 major section between here and there on my way back down – the Skyway, Blue Ridge, Dragon and Cherohala, then taking some further backroads through upper Georgia linking up with I75 south of Atlanta to cruise back home for 9 hours or so.  I’m not planning any stops, just winging it so I can do whatever I want.  I know I’ll be stopping 100 times for photography along the way and will just grab motels where I need to.  I figure a week but I get home when I get home 🙂  I’ll have upcoming vids on the prep and some new gear reviews before hand, along with dozens of other cool vids in the coming 3 weeks.  Stay tuned!

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