2015 Honda F6B Deluxe Motorcycle Review

by admin, October 15, 2015

IMG_1397This is a relatively rare bike, a Goldwing without the rear trunk and big seat.  It offers the same plush, cushy ride, same huge torque monster engine, same large frame and most of the electronics from the Goldwing, in a sportier package.  Made to simply devour the highway miles, it offers car like power delivery even through the special clutch, super soft big vehicle ride yet is easily controlled.  I won’t say it feels small or light, but it does handle like a dream for what it is.  In regards to the points in the vid, one Honda guy said the shifter is adjustable but he didn’t know where it was currently set – another guy said it’s not and I just have big boots.  He didn’t have a comment when I said I’ve tested over 50 bikes and this is the only one that was an issue.

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