Skyline Drive And Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle Trip Day 1

by admin, October 29, 2015

1Starting out from home in Holiday, FL I get over to Orlando to board the Amtrak Auto Train that runs up to Lorton VA just shy of DC.  In theory this leaves you fresh, ready to tackle the roads as soon as you arrive.  Some notes that hopefully will be helpful to others…if you are 6’+ you need the big 4 person rooms to get a bed that’s big enough to actually sleep in.  The tracks north of Georgia suck, and when you hit them it’s right when you are trying to sleep.  Bring pills!  The food and drinks are Disney priced – BYOB.  If you are bringing a bike, it gets unloaded last, a 45 min wait after getting off.  It was nice hitting the road fresh though!

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