Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle Trip Day 5

by admin, November 12, 2015

d5Ending the trip a few days early due to weather, I decided to head straight home from Asheville, NC where I stayed the last night to visit family.  I liked the area, it’s much different than I thought it would be – much more modern and crowded than I pictures.  Even though I was disappointed that the trip didnt’ go as planned, there was nothing I could do about it, the huge storms coming in were going to last 2 more days and were all from the largest hurricane ever recorded that had just finished hitting Mexico.  I saw on the news that 80% of the US had rain today.  What really put me in travel home mode though was a severe weather warning coming for exactly where I was going.  I got an early start and finally got out of the storms 1/2 way through South Carolina where it warmed up to the upper 80’s by the time I hit sunny FL again.

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