Motorcycle Reviews FAIL And Missing A Turnoff

by admin, February 26, 2016

two_templateI planned on reviewing 2-3 new bikes this morning but the plan has changed!  I had to delay getting there an hour because our poor Chloe is recovering from surgery yesterday and I didn’t want to leave her alone while my wife was out this morning.  Needless to say the rides were very popular and were already booked solid several hours in to the day.  I’ll be back first thing tomorrow to get them in.  Unfortunately i also confirmed they do NOT have the new FJR, Yamaha has not released them yet.  In fact they said they may not even have one for Daytona in just a few weeks – which will be a major flub for them if it happens.  And then, yep, I goof and get stuck going in to Tampa unplanned because of the one way roads.

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