2016 Yamaha R6 60th Anniversary Motorcycle Review

by admin, March 2, 2016

r6Surprisingly I, being a bigger guy, thought the R6 would fit me better than it’s little brother the R3.  I was wrong!  The R6 is a purposeful machine, at home on a track with a silky smooth blistering top-end motor and solid transmission.  Don’t mistake the rocket propelled 16,000 rpm engine as a slough at low speed however.  It delivers effortless, natural power delivery from a stop to normal slow speed maneuvers even in top gear without any complaints.  Features are sparse and the platform is due for a complete overhaul very soon, likely in the next 1-2 years.  You’ll find no special electronics or features here – just a cable throttle and clutch, manually adjustable suspension settings and that’s about it.  The tach is the only gauge you’ll be looking at when using it aggressively and thankfully it’s large and clear as a bell complete with shift light to get your attention while looking at the road.  The rest of the dash is small but functional.  Control felt solid and smooth while the seating and riding position is simply going to come down to each person’s individual taste and measurements.  Each brand will fit you differently much like helmets, so shop around!

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