Quad Camera Ride To Yorkshire

by admin, March 23, 2016

Welcome to our early Spring ride into the Wensleydale areas of North Yorkshire. On this occasion we are joined by our good friend Graham, riding his BMW K1200 RT. There’s something new for my channel on this video, FOUR cameras!! I have three cameras on my helmet, two Contour+2s and the GoPro. One of the Contour cameras is on the flat surface mount on the left hand side of my helmet facing backwards to capture Lynn enjoying (I think!) the ride and scenery, the other Contour is on the top of my helmet on the 360 degree mount and the GoPro camera is on the arm extension on the front of the helmet! The fourth camera is on Graham’s helmet! So am I a first to do this?? My Shoei Neotec helmet was fairly heavy! The GoPro’s footage will feature on separate videos to be uploaded soon. This video takes us from home to the A59 services near to Clitheroe in the Ribble Valley. Thanks for watching! Biker Paul, Lynn & Graham!

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