2016 BMW K 1600 GT Sport Motorcycle Review

by admin, March 26, 2016

Sport Touring bikes are my personal favorite at the moment for the types of roads and riding that I primarily do. I ride mostly one-up, so that certainly factors in to what I look for when buying a bike vs. what’s best with a passenger. The K1600 is an all around fantastic bike, and something you need to ride and try before you buy, if you are thinking it’s like others in the class. The best way I can sum this up is a cross between an FJR and an F6B. However it moves FAR better than the F6B, just keeping the overall body feel at low speeds and electric like pull. It loves to be revved so don’t be afraid to treat it like a screamer! Also make sure you try the regular vs. the sport. I found the included Comfort Seat to be hands down the most comfortable I have ever rode on, yet the included windscreen would be tossed the moment I got it home.

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