FJR1300 Demonstrator Ride To Settle

by admin, May 31, 2016

Welcome to our FJR demonstrator ride to and from Settle in North Yorkshire. On this part we leave Barrowford in Lancashire and ride on the A682 through Blacko and through to Gisburn. We then carry on along the A682 through to Long Preston in North Yorkshire. We then pick up the A65 and head to Settle. We have a nice lunch there in the Ye Olde Naked Man Café. Highly recommended. What about the FJR I hear you ask? The BMW K1600 GTLE is a fabulous piece of kit for sure, however after trying to conquer slow manoeuvring, junctions and riding in traffic with this extremely top heavy bike, I have decided to cut and run and get back to the FJR. We were delighted with the demonstrator, being the 2016 model with the added 6th gear. This particular model was the FJR1300A with manual suspension, however after having electronic suspension on the K1600 we have decided to go for the FJR1300AE model with electronic suspension. Watch this space for more FJR rides in the future! Thanks for watching. Biker Paul and Lynn.

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