2016 Motus MST Motorcycle Review

by admin, June 4, 2016

WOW. In a word, that’s how you must describe this combination of features and results in a bike. Truly a unique bike on the road and in a GREAT way. After this review today I have a week offer of a $1000 incentive to buy and I’m considering it. Beyond all the specs that you can read on their site, here are my takeaways. It’s the most powerful streetbike you will ever ride, in a frame and weight configuration that fits bikes 1/2 it’s power. Think VMAX on steroids in a FZ09. No joke. Everything simply works – it’s refined and uses many automotive parts and features making it one of the most maintenance free bikes on the planet. 6000 mile oil changes, 20,000 mile chain, lifetime sprocket. NO valve adjustments. Think a LS1 cut in 1/2 for the tech and power. For non-track use the base MST makes far more sense than the R not only for cost but performance. The fully adjustable bars are heavenly, fitting any kind of riding stance you wish. BUT, don’t think of the two models and you would other brands – they are simply presets you can find pre-made. Any combination of features can be made to your own spec, many of them at no-cost to change/swap/upgrade. They include carbon or titanium exhausts, many different carbon fiber panels, carbon fiber wheels, the bars, the engines, the front brakes, etc.

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