2016 BMW R1200 GS Motorcycle Review

by admin, June 11, 2016

What a fantastic all-around bike. My stigma about this model had always been it’s more of an off-road minded bike. That is simply not the case – although I have zero doubt it would be equally at home on the rough stuff for sure. As a street bike it’s simply a combination of all the great stuff from the other current models – full electronics, great power, perfect fit and finish, top-notch comfort, toy-like low speed handling, the list goes on. This unit had the $250 lowered suspension option which gives you 2 more inches of space from the seat. I could barely flatfoot the standard model just for reference. Obviously if you do off-roading the standard model would be the best fit. Bags and trunks are hefty optionals also…putting a fully loaded model in the mid 20’s. Not a light purchase, which si it’s only downfall for some.

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