How To Fix Intermittent Or Blank Neutral Or Gear Indicator Display Yamaha FJR1300

by admin, June 19, 2016

I had been having an intermittent problem with my 1st gear indicator not lighting up recently and narrowed it down to something physical.  It would blank after hard braking and come back after brisk acceleration.  Other people have reported similar issues with neutral not indicating.  After seeing the contact pad of neutral being far smaller than the gears I can understand why that might be more apt to trigger a fault.  In my case a good cleaning took care of the issue but you may need to replace the module.  It’s under Electrical 1 on microfiche, called a Neutral Indicator Switch.  Expect to pay around $50.  One other tip is if you ever have to remove the two screws holding it in, go to you favorite hardware store for two new cap head screws first.

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