I’m not a REAL Biker?!

by admin, September 1, 2016

So one of the guys I’m meeting for my next mountain trip was talking to me the other day and he said they were all using a big trailer for the bikes to get there.  My first thought was wow, I wish I could do that!  My next thought was – DUH, I can!  Since this trip is unique for me, having a home base and doing trips from the same location all week, it makes perfect sense!  Now I know some biker snobs will say we aren’t REAL bikers just because we choose to save our tires and travel the boring interstate slabs in more comfort.  But I’m OK with that!!  To me, cruising on the freeway is the WORST thing to do on a motorcycle.  To me, it’s 100% boring and a waste of money.  What *I* love to do is ENJOY the roads I’m on.  There is zero enjoyment on a freeway for me.

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