GA SC NC Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Adventure Part 6

by admin, September 27, 2016

GA SC NC Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Adventure Part 6 – We did a relatively short day on this leg, doing about 150 miles because I needed to be back at the house to get a big 9lbs. pork shoulder on the smoker.  I had to improvise using the nice gas grill at the house.  I went through a crap load of wood chips but got the job done in 11.5 hours and it came out great for pulled pork samiches the next day 🙂  So the riding consisted of tons of back road courses including parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Moonshiners 28 plus a ton that I have no idea what the names are.  We had a great lunch, got home, cleaned the bikes (them a lot more than me) and got ready for the next day!

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